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Accounting Salon

May 4-6th | New Orleans

We are excited to announce our host hotel and conference center!

International House Hotel | Entrepreneurs’ Row®

Special thanks to our  2020 Accounting Salon sponsors

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sa·lon’ (noun)

a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation

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2019 was a success!

What is the Accounting Salon?

Elefant has always had a bit of a French accent. In the spirit of a European salon of the 1700s, we host a semi-annual gathering of the most enlightened minds of our time.
Each calendar year, eighteen accounting leaders are invited to join the newest cohort. Each of them has something in common
-a commitment to innovation in accounting and a spirit of generosity.

The framework is simple: invite-only by nomination, all are equals, no agenda other than to exchange ideas.
Great food, strong drinks and most certainly, unparalleled conversation.

It’s not just an event, it’s a movement.

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Who is Elefant?

There are thousands of accountants and bookkeepers who want to tap into the potential of the cloud, whether it’s for creating a lifestyle practice of their own or building a massive, scalable firm. Truth is that the two grow the same way- with practice management, process, and technology
– so that’s what Elefant focuses on.

Elefant is passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge with a single objective to help accountants and bookkeepers build their dream practices by leveraging technology.

We offer webinars and training with international experts in cloud accounting who are also passionate about sharing their insight, ideas, and advice.

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UPDATE! OUR 2020 Accounting Salon is SOLD OUT!

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Our Current Members

Amanda Aguillard

Juliet Aurora

Ryan Balfe

Brittany Brown

Clint Bowers

Joe Carufe

Nayo Carter-Gray

Brian Clare

Jeff Drew

David Emmerman

Chris Farmand

Rachel Fisch

Tate Henshaw

Jan Haugo

Jay Kimelman

Kenji Kuramoto

Joel Lacayo

David Leary

Shelly Lingor

Will Lopez

Michael Ly

Jonathan Martin

Sherrell Martin

Liz Mason

Trevor McCandless

Dave Olsen

Blake Oliver

Byron Patrick

Jeff Phillips

Heather Satterley

Patti Scharf

Heather Smith

Anthony Villari

Ryan Watson

Geni Whitehouse

Karine Woodman

Want to be considered for the 2021 Accounting Salon Cohort?

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